Preventive and Conservative Dentistry


Conservative dentistry is the mainstay of dentistry; in this area we try by all means to preserve natural teeth as long as possible, with minimally invasive methods.

It is very important an early detection and early treatment of caries to prevent damage from deepening and affecting dental structures.

A filling or obturation is the procedure by which a tooth is restored by placing the aesthetic material of composite resins (composites) in the cavity created after removing the decay. It is called reconstruction when caries affects several faces of the tooth.

Endodontics or root canal treatment is the procedure by which the damaged or dead pulp or nerve of a tooth is eliminated after an infection and is filled and sealed with specific materials to avoid new infectious processes, leaving the tooth without sensitivity. Depending on the number of roots and consequently nerve branches that the tooth has, the endodontics will be unirradicular, bi-radicular or multiradicular.

Once the bacteria have reached the nerve of the tooth, either because a cavity advance too much or through the periodontium (tissues that surround the root of the tooth), a root canal treatment is the only way to avoid extracting that piece.

There is a small percentage of possibility of failure, in which case it would be advisable to perform an endodontic re-treatment.

As a summary, Conservative Dentistry is the part of the Dentistry that is in charge of repairing the dental tissues affected by lesions that come from different etiologies, among which the caries is the most usual one.

The treatment consists in the elimination of the affected tissue and its replacement by biocompatible odontological materials. Depending on the characteristics of the pathology and the affected piece, the specialist will assess the type of dental material that provides better characteristics to recover the aesthetics and masticatory function.

The philosophy of conservative dentistry is based on the preservation, whenever possible, of the original teeth.

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