Female Liposuction


Genetic inheritance, hormonal changes, pregnancies, weight gain or menopause determine that body fat accumulates excessively in some areas while missing in others. This causes a lack of harmony in the body balance, which, in addition to its aesthetic drawback, conditions the clothes that one can wear (different sizes in each area of ​​the body).

Because of the difficulty of losing volume in the areas that one wants while maintaining others, “lipo sculpture” has been invented, a technique that consists of “sculpting” the fat, removing excess and keeping or filling where it is missing.

After 15 years and after thousands of interventions, we can ensure that we have a good technique, in addition to being safe, when it is carried out in the right conditions. It will be necessary to take into account the specific characteristics of each case in order to decide both the technique and the type of anesthesia, which may vary between local, local, sedation or epidural.

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