Facial surgery

The passing of time causes the sagging of certain areas of the face, an aging that manifests itself in different ways: flaccidity in the cheekbones and neck, progressive pronunciation of the nasolabial sulcus, drooping of the commissure and eyebrows, wrinkle formation around the eyes (crow’s feet) and the mandibular profile, double chin, etc.

Our experience in facial cosmetic surgery has shown us that, to achieve a truly rejuvenated appearance with lasting effects, it is not enough to ‘stretch’ the facial tissues.

Facial aging produces a change in the distribution of the fat, with which it is necessary to redo the facial structure before performing the lifting.

For this reason, at Clínica Beltran and Obradors we perform a liposuction on the flange of the jaw, jowls and neck (areas where it tends to accumulate), as well as a self-implant of fat in the necessary areas (nasogenian cheeks and grooves).

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