Elastic Threads

The rigid suture strands end up tearing the tissues in the tissue where they are implanted, due to the continuous movement tractions , and thus lose the function for which they have been implanted.

Elastic sutures have solved this problem; with their elasticity they allow movement, without causing tissue obliteration; they remain in their original position and over time behave like a ligament, maintaining the original tension.

In Clínica Beltrán y Obradors the elastic sutures have been incorporated for 3 years, being particularly useful in the suspension of the neck, cheeks, eyebrow area and also for the periareolar mastopexy technique.

The implantation of elastic threads for traction, despite being surgical sutures, can be performed under local anesthesia, in an outpatient setting, without the need for hospital admission.


Our experience is totally positive, and we are continuously observing new possibilities.

They can be combined with liposuction, lifting, breast surgery or any type of intervention that we perform.


The Elasticum thread is a non-absorbable thread, it is an elastic suture mounted on a non-traumatic two-pronged needle; This thread does not cut into the tissues and becomes a ligament.

These threads exert a continuous traction and transport tissue volumes exactly where it is needed, close to the defect; The dissection of the skin is minimal or no longer necessary.

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