Dental Veneers and Lenses

Natural Smile


The dental veneers are thin ceramic sheets that are custom made and chemically cemented on the surface of the tooth, with the purpose of changing color, position, size and shape, achieving a young and attractive smile.

The dental lenses or microcapsules are ultraslim veneers, as well as an ocular contact lens, which do not require any retouching on the tooth before placing, so they are ideal for patients that are very sensitive to clinical practice, for example, for patients with a dentist phobia since they are placed without any type of anesthesia, nor punctures, nor turbines.

The result is a uniform, whiter and more beautiful teeth, with an improved chewing functionality getting rid of those defects that disfigure our smile.


Definitive whitening on stained and dark teeth

Whitening systems do not achieve satisfactory results with certain teeth of brown and gray tones caused by interactions of certain medications. On the other hand, these treatments require repetitions every 6 or 8 months for color maintenance.

The veneers provide the desired tone permanently, without maintenance.

Increase in size in small teeth

With the passage of time, many people suffer from bruxism, that means, premature wear of the teeth, offering a smile with short teeth that hardly appear in a wide smile.

By increasing the height, we improve facial musculature and dental aesthetics.

Closing of spaces between teeth

With the veneers we can close the interdental spaces, covering those unsightly black areas of the gums. We also managed to eliminate the unwanted movements of the teeth by the intimate contact between them.

Correction of dental malposition

Some teeth may be rotated, intruded or protruded respect their adjacent teeth. The patient often does not have patience for an orthodontic treatment so the veneers solve the case quickly and effectively.

Arrangement of old restorations and gum recessions

Composites that are old and discolored by the passing of time can be replaced with the attached ceramic veneers without fear of losing their tone again.

You can also repair porcelain crowns and bridges that have fractured some ceramic part; simply attach a micro-mask to the damaged part, returning its initial aesthetics.

What advantages do they present?

  • Great adhesion power
  • Unbeatable aesthetics, because of its customized design
  • Dental plaque does not stick, resistant to acid, alcohol and tobacco
  • Painless and not very aggressive treatment (that’s why so many celebrities use it)
  • They raise the patient’s self-esteem

Duration of the veneers

In dental prostheses you can never say that a treatment is for life; nor are natural teeth; the duration will depend on the habits of each patient, the quality of the dental tissue, hygiene, diet, etc …

Also, it depends of the skill of the dentist in his placement and of the prosthetic technician in his manufacture. It is a treatment that, with a few precautions, basic hygiene measures and a plan of revisions, can last many years, like any other type of prosthesis.



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