Breast Augmentation


Interventions aimed at increasing breast volume, sometimes associated with the need to replace the breast in its original position, are nowadays the most requested in our clinic.

The reasons that lead a patient to practice an intervention of this type are several:

– Aplasia or lack of development of the mammary glands, also called mammary congenital aplasia.

– Congenital mammary hypoplasia. Axillary path, retropectoral situation, 260 cc round prosthesis, high profile.

– Congenital mammary asymmetries (differences between both breasts that appear when developing them).

– Atrophy of the breast size post-partum or by thinning, which causes a feeling of empty breasts.

– Lack of development of the lower pole of the breast, accompanied or not by a hypertrophy of the areola-nipple complex; Tubular breasts in different degrees.

– Alterations of the shape of the thorax, such as pectum excavatum (sternum sunken), thorax keel, sagging costal, projection asymmetries of the ribs.

– Ptosis or falling of the breasts, as a single cause, or associated with other causes.

– Other patients were previously treated and can go to the consultation for treatment of complications of them or for not having obtained the expected result, such as breast encapsulation, secondary ptosis, prosthesis replacement, etc.

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