Body Surgery

Given the diversity of surgical techniques and solutions for correcting the size and shape of the breast, Clínica Beltrán y Obradors has created a specialized department with the most innovative techniques, intended only for breast surgery.

Breast augmentations are performed either by the armpit, the areola or the sub-mammary groove. For the elevation and / or reduction of the breast, the technique of Lejour is sometimes used, which minimizes scars. Currently, we also add to this intervention the use of platelet growth factor, in order to improve healing and reduce the chances of hypertrophy.

In addition, in each case we recommend a previous homeopathic and antioxidant treatment, which improves the time and discomfort of the post-operative period. In cases of smokers or patients with signs of ischemia (lack of blood supply), we also perform oznotherapy both before and after the intervention. You can combine the placement of breast augmentation prosthesis, with the elevation of it in a single surgical intervention.

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