Body aesthetic medicine

There are different treatment possibilities, depending on the problem to be treated.




Radiofrequency is a technique that corrects skin texture, sagging and volume, stimulates fibroblasts through intradermal heat, achieving the regeneration of collagen and improving the tissues and elasticity of the skin. It allows to cross the dermis without damaging it and to accede to the deepest layers of the skin obtaining a young effect.

It activates the circulation of the area to be treated, the lymphatic system and the arterio-venous system, increases lymphatic drainage and vascularization.

The objective of the treatment is the prevention and correction to cause a visible tension effect from the first session.

It works by improving skin flaccidity and at the same time the appearance of localized cellulite. There are several sessions of treatment and later recall sessions, which will be spaced out over time.


There are different preparations with which you can prepare cocktails for personalized treatments, according to the particular characteristics of each patient and area to be treated.

The mesotherapy is based on very superficial injection, in the thickness of the dermis, with very thin needles, which allows to introduce into the skin the factors that we will use for its treatment.

For flaccidity and rejuvenation, we use a cocktail of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and hyaluronic acid at different concentrations,

It is usually applied on the neckline, hands, forearms and inner thigh area.

It can also be used for the treatment of accumulations of fat or areas of cellulite, aiming to improve body contouring.

In this case, we perform it with lipolytic action products such as L Carnitine or M-Artichoke from the Mesoestetic laboratory. The areas that are usually treated are abdomen, thighs, arms and glutes.

L-Carnitine, is an amino acid that intervenes in the metabolism of fatty acids. The efficacy of L-Carnitine is enhanced when it is associated with an increase in physical activity. L-Carnitine can be complemented with Artichoke to activate Lipolytic processes. The procedure lasts between 20 – 30 minutes, allowing the patient to join their daily activities. 6 – 8 sessions are needed once a week

The mesotherapy with organic silicon is used for cases of flaccidity, since it allows to recover the elasticity, the brightness, the smoothness and the turgidity of the skin, preventing its aging.

Silicon is an element that is present in our body (in the skin, bones, muscles) that is crucial for the presence and regeneration of hyaluronic acid and collagen fibers in our skin. With the years it is reduced and for that reason the skin loses its elasticity and smoothness.

The combination of micro silicon + radiofrequency injections is very interesting for flaccidity treatments.


In addition to conventional mesotherapy, it can also be treated with several sessions of homeopathic preparations that act by improving the circulation of the affected areas of cellulite, facilitating the elimination of the toxic products that contribute to it, decreasing the volume and improving the circulation and the appearance of the skin.

Cycles of several sessions are practiced 1-2 times a year, depending on the degree of existing cellulite.

It can be associated with radiofrequency, improving the obtained result.


The varicose veins are small dilatations of the small superficial veins that, in general, do not have any hemodynamic repercussions or alterations similar to those of the varicose dilated trajectories.

They are branches of venules in general bluish that bother aesthetically. In general, they appear together with Telangiectasia or vascular spider veins that, unlike the previous ones, are dark red in color and do not relate to superficial venous trajectories, but rather to small neo-formed vessels, that is to say, they are formed by an outflow of blood from veins and arterioles and have a higher internal blood pressure than the varicose veins, hence the greatest difficulty in eliminating them.

A specific sclerosing agent, Polidecanol, is used, which, when injected diluted inside the vascular dilation, produces the closure of the wall of the same, causing the posterior disappearance of the varicose vein.

It must be borne in mind that usually more dilatations appear with the test of time and the activity that normally develops (being many hours of foot, poor circulation of venous return, obesity, pregnancies, etc), so it is convenient to practice the sclerosis treatment of new lesions every so often (1-2 years).

It is also important to follow medical recommendations to improve the venous circulation of the legs.

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