Bioresonance or Therapy QUANTEC MED


It is an energetic technique that consists of using electromagnetic waves of a similar nature to the physiological ones to analyze the state of health of the patient, to look for the causes of the disturbances and to harmonize where there are altered states enhancing the self-regulating capacity of the organism.

Animal and plant cells regulate their activities by sending and receiving electromagnetic information generated through cellular structures such as membranes or DNA chains. In this way, they can also be stimulated from the outside in a positive way just as they are negatively for example by phenomena such as the alternating electric and magnetic fields of the environment. Water, is the main cellular intercom, capable of storing this electromagnetic energy, by the bipolar structure of its molecule.

“Everything is vibration.”
Max Planck (1858-1947)
Nobel Prize in Physics (1933)
“The electromagnetic energy is the primary energy, on which all the life of the organism depends.”
Werner Heisenberg (1901 – 1976)
Nobel Prize in Physics (1932)

What diseases does bioresonance treat?

It must be considered that there is no disease without altered electromagnetic vibrations and therefore, health will recover when the abnormal vibrations normalize.

In principle, diseases of all kinds are treated, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic and acute pain, allergies, circulatory, bone, lymphatic, edema, respiratory, asthma, sinusitis, migraine, sleep disorders, apnea, snoring, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, macular degeneration, depression, detoxification, as anti-aging treatment, in sports medicine, stress treatment, sleep disorders.

Bioresonance therapy is particularly effective where other therapies do not achieve any effect, such as allergies. This is because it effectively suppresses the electromagnetic information that triggers the allergic response.

There are many and varied indications of Bioresonance Therapy, from contact allergies as well as respiratory or food allergies. It is useful in digestive disorders such as gastritis, slow digestion, irritable bowel and even intestinal dysbiosis, in migraines, in the treatment of pain in general, in osteoarthritis, in endocrine diseases such as hyperthyroidism, menstrual cycle disorders, dysmenorrhea, in the endometriosis, ovarian cysts, in cystitis, in herpes, in dermatitis, in alopecia, in asthma, in the treatment of drug addictions as well as tobacco addiction, in autoimmune diseases, in rheumatoid arthritis, when defenses are low, to treat insomnia, stress etc.

QUANTEC is a team of quantum medicine of advanced German technology, which allows to measure the vibrational state of the body, identifying possible energy imbalances on a physical, mental and emotional level, in order to return them to their normal state.

How does QUANTEC-MED work?

QUANTEC-MED is a medical equipment of bioresonance, composed of two electrodes that work with the energetic fields of the patient. The principle of operation are oscillations that the patient absorbs in a resonance loop and that are transferred back modulated with therapeutic frequencies. QUANTEC-MED is also characterized by the diode with white noise.

What is the QUANTEC-MED therapy?

The patient should point out the area of ​​the body to be treated, take the electrodes and bring them closer to the affected area for as long as the therapist determines according to their ailment. Unlike other equipment on the market, QUANTEC-MED works with energy fields and not with electric current.

Does QUANTEC-MED have any contraindications?

Yes. It cannot be used in people with a pacemaker and it is suggested not to use in pregnant women during the first and last trimester.

What diseases can you treat with QUANTEC?

All. QUANTEC is unlimited in its use and can be worked from a simple headache to a depression.

It serves both for psychological or emotional disorders (phobias, sleep disorders, autism, rabies, fear, addiction, panic attacks, among others), as well as physical illnesses (gastric, lung problems, digestive disorders, allergies, asthma, diabetes, cancer etc).

QUANTEC or QUANTEC-MED cures diseases?

They do not cure diseases but look for the causes that produce the disease. When the energy level of human beings is unbalanced, changing their field and frequency of vibrations, symptoms that manifest themselves through diseases (somatization) occur. That is why many times the discomforts we feel are just symptoms of other internal problems that we may not know.

For example, if you have headaches, the doctor will prescribe an analgesic, however the pain reappears once you stop the medication. QUANTEC tries to find the cause of his headache, which could have an emotional, tensional component, etc.

The duration of the treatment (of each session) is about 10 minutes and depending on the clinical picture, between 2 and 10 sessions may be necessary (in some cases, some more are necessary).

The frequency of the sessions will depend on each person and pathology.

What do you feel during therapy?

Most patients feel nothing, since they are receiving waves and frequencies of the same intensity as those that manage their organs and tissues.

Relaxation and desire to sleep is one of the most noticeable effects. Some people feel a slight tingling when there are blockages and according to their sensitivity. For this reason, many people are skeptical since they are accustomed to invasive and / or painful procedures.

Can children receive this treatment?

Being a treatment that does not cause pain or should take drugs with unpleasant taste, the children accept it very well. The treatment in them is faster and more effective since they have not yet had time to accumulate too many toxins in their body and their regulatory forces are in better shape.

The Quantec system received the Gold medal in the Health development sector in 2010, as a system of instrumental biocommunication.

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