Accent Radiofrequency Therapy

The test of time causes a loss of firmness and tone in the skin in youth, to a greater or lesser degree according to genetic and care factors.

Accent radiofrequency therapy works by tensing the skin, induces the production of new collagen and improves body contours.

Accent Radiofrequency is one of the best treatments available in non-invasive aesthetic medicine to restore tissue firmness, thanks to the generation of new collagen and the contraction of the existing one.

It is one of the best solutions against flaccidity of the face, being also a non-invasive nor painful method..

The Accent ™ radio frequency machine is the only RF system of its kind currently available on the market. This is because the Accent ™ system has two handpieces; a bipolar handpiece for warming the volumetric skin, intended mainly for skin stretching treatments, treating the surface, and a unipolar piece, to achieve a controlled penetration depth for fat reduction and treatment cellulite.

The unipolar hand piece allows a controlled deep penetration of RF energy and treats the symptoms of cellulite through three main mechanisms:

  • The hardening of the underlying tissues, which in turn cause a production and remodeling of collagen.
  • The increase in blood circulation in the area being treated and the drainage of fatty deposits to the lymphatic system.
  • The breakdown of fatty acids and the death of fat cells induced by heat.

With the bipolar handpiece, the flux of the generating machine flows only through the tissue that lies between the two electrodes in the terminal. Therefore, with bipolar delivery, no current flows through the rest of the body.

In both cases, it is the resistance to the flow of current in the tissue, not the electrode, which generates the heating effect.

With the introduction of cryogenics, it is possible to deliver Radiofrequency energy to the deep dermis and subdermal layers of the skin, while protecting the epidermis. That is, the deep part can be heated, where the production of collagen is stimulated, without causing damage to the surface of the skin. The heating of this area causes microscopic tissue changes and collagen contraction, stimulating the subsequent production of new collagen.

The ACCENT RADIO FREQUENCY SYSTEM was awarded with the CE mark in June 2005 for the reduction of cellulite, and the approval of the FDA for the treatment of flaccidity and wrinkles in April 2007.


Its main advantages are:

  • Eliminates fat non-invasively.
  • Tenses the skin and improves the body contour.
  • Achieves repeatable and measurable results.
  • Provides pain-free treatments thanks to cryogenic technology
  • Doesn’t need incapacitation or recovery times.
  • It has no side effects.

It is useful to define the oval of the face, lift cheekbones and eyebrows, improve the jowls and reshape the contour of the eyes, nasolabial grooves and rejuvenate the contours of mouth and chin.

In the rest of the body, it improves the skin sensibly in the areas that show flaccidity and also has excellent results in the treatment of cellulite.

TheAccent Radiofrequency produces a gradual warming on the skin, acting mainly on the existing collagen fibers, strengthening them and producing the formation of new collagen.

In the Radiofrequency session you feel a gradual warm in the skin that will increase without becoming painful. The result of the Accent Radiofrequency treatment can be seen in two phases: the first occurs immediately when the existing collagen is contracted, and the second with the passage of weeks will be accentuated, achieving the maximum effect around the first three months, which is when the formation of new collagen is completed.

Accent radiofrequency treatment is carried out in several sessions, the number of which depends on the problem that is being treated and the skin type of the patient and it is necessary to wait about 4-6 months from the last application to observe true results.

In simple terms Accent uses radiofrequency energy, which causes the water molecules in the tissues to twist and vibrate. This movement causes friction, which generates heat in very specific areas and deep in the skin and depending on the hand piece used, the fat is also fought.

As a result, Accent ™ radiofrequency treatment applications include:

  • The treatment of cellulite.
  • The reduction of fat in the arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs.
  • The stretching of the skin of the face, arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs.
  • The complete body contouring • The reaffirmation of the skin before liposuction.
  • A smoothing and stretching of the skin after liposuction.
  • Treatment of lipoma (benign tumor composed of fatty tissue)



It is important that people avoid the consumption of products such as diuretics, coffee, soft drinks, etc., for at least 24 hours before starting treatment. The advisable thing is to drink a lot of water before the treatment since this ensures a good hydration of the tissues.

It is important to rule out the presence of any contraindication to this type of treatment.

What are the contraindications of radiofrequency?

  • It is not recommended in pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding the effects that may have on the fetus hasn’t been proven.
  • People suffering from neuromuscular diseases.
  • Patients who have metal prosthesis, as they can heat up and cause damage.
  • Patients with pacemakers, cardioverters or defibrillators or who suffer from severe heart disease.
  • Patients with cancer.
  • People who have recently applied collagen.
  • Overweight people.
  • People with skin problems or infections in the areas thata re going to be treated.
  • People with sensory disorders.

Patients who have metal implants in joints, heart valves or dental plates, under no circumstances can this treatment be performed, because the electrical current that passes through the body can interfere with these devices, heating them up and leading to serious danger.

Informed consent

As it happens in other treatments for facial rejuvenation, you will be given a form in which you have to sign that you are satisfied and have understood the information that has been delivered to you, and you will also have some pictures to be able to compare the “before and after” of the process.

It is important in the days before treatment to avoid sunbathing and carry out any activity that may irritate the skin. Some women become more sensitive to pain before and during the menstrual cycle, so you can take it into account when scheduling sessions.



Before starting the facial radiofrequency treatment, it is essential to wash your face with warm water and soap, in order to remove any remaining creams, makeup or own fat from the skin as they could interfere with the treatment.

Some anesthetic cream can be applied in order to slightly desensitize the area to be treated and avoid the brief but intense sensation of heat. Once the desired effect has been achieved, the procedure will begin. After the session, the professional will apply a gel or lotion with a calming and refreshing effect on the skin.



Immediately after the first session your skin will gain density and it will look smoother, an effect that will gradually increase after some months (3-6 months), once the treatment is finished.

The results usually persist for a couple of years and can be repeated if the doctor considers it appropriate.

In any case, it will be the specialist who determines the treatment plan that best suits the needs of the patient.


It is recommended that after the session the patient should consume a lot of liquid to help the elimination of the toxins and the sun exposure is not prohibited, but with adequate protection.



Radiofrequency treatments improve the quality of the skin and the flaccidity of the tissues. They are suitable for those who have a mild to moderate laxity of the skin on the face or body. People of any skin color can be treated. In general, patients between 30-55 years are treated, obtaining 92% of satisfactory results.

It is a non-invasive treatment option with excellent results.

  • It does not require post-treatment rest; you can have a normal life the next day.
  • It can be associated with other facial treatments, such as fillers, botox, peels, plasma rich in platelet factor, etc., to improve the result.
  • Facial radiofrequency is a safe and clinically proven way to firm and contour the skin, achieving improvements in tone, contour and texture naturally through the stimulation of your own collagen.

It is known as a “facelift without surgery”, since it is a non-invasive treatment and does not require anesthesia.


With the test of time, there is a decrease in the collagen of the deep layers of the skin, sagging appears.

Radio frequency devices use electromagnetic waves in a frequency range of 3 to 300 GHz. These waves create an electric field that attracts the water dipoles of our body’s molecules, first in one direction and then in the other. The frequency determines the speed at which said attraction varies and, therefore, the higher the frequency, the faster the dipoles will be reoriented in different directions.

This movement of the molecules produces friction in the tissues and this friction is translated into heat. We can say, therefore, that facial radiofrequency produces heat in depth and allows reaching the innermost layers of the skin, such as the dermis.

The heating of the dermis modifies the original properties of the collagen fibers. These shrink in response to heat and this is what produces an immediate improvement of our skin. The heat also causes the collagen fibers of our skin to regenerate in the long term.


  • To raise the eyebrows and tighten the skin on the forehead.
  • To thicken and tighten the skin under the eyes.
  • To lift the upper cheeks.
  • To lift (slightly) and decrease the enlarged pores in the cheeks and the middle area of ​​the face.
  • To reduce jowls and sagging along the line of the jaw.
  • To tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles in the neck.
  • To reduce cellulite.
  • To sculpt the body in general.


Facial radiofrequency is a non-invasive and painless technique. A sensation of heat will be noticed, since the treatment is carried out around the 40-42ºC surface temperature of the skin. This sensation of deep heat is a symptom that collagen is being stimulated and reaffirmed.

A facial radiofrequency session lasts approximately between 60 and 90 minutes. Once finished, there may be a slight redness or erythema in the treated area that lasts a short time.

Are the results of the facial radiofrequency permanent?

The duration of the results depends to a large extent on the amount of collagen in the skin; in most cases there is a lasting improvement of up to two years will be observed, although it is advisable to carry out a maintenance session every 6 months or 1 year.

Can radiofrequency treat all areas of the body?

It is well known that the thighs, buttocks and abdomen respond well to radiofrequency treatment, which tenses the skin that covers it while avoiding the loose appearance of the skin that can accompany weight loss.

Radiofrequency is also ideal for smaller problem areas, such as knees which are areas that are always difficult to eliminate with diet and exercise. In this case, between eight and ten sessions are required every 15 days, depending on the seriousness of the problem.

When will I see the results?

Dual Layer RF Thermotherapy makes the deep structures of the skin tone up immediately; there are results that are immediately visible. Over time, the new collagen develops, in addition to a greater hardening of the skin, which produces a secondary improvement.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is much more common among women than among men, which indicates that hormonal differences play an important role in their formation. While cellulite tends to appear in parts of the body where excess fat is deposited, this aesthetic problem is widespread among thin and overweight women.

How does Accent Radiofrequency work for cellulite?

Accent Radiofrequency uses three mechanisms to improve the symptoms of cellulite. Deep dermal heating is applied to the fat deposits to achieve the formation of new collagen and the remodeling of the skin. To stimulate a greater circulation of the blood, the procedure also helps to drain the fatty deposits and trapped toxins. Finally, the application of thermal activity can reduce fat cells.

It is used to treat the following conditions:

  • Irregularities of the skin.
  • Visible dimples (orange peel).
  • Excess body fat.
  • Volume.
  • Flaccid skin.


  • Reduction or complete elimination of cellulite.
  • Loss of centimeters.
  • Reaffirmation and hardening of the skin.
  • Loss of volume or inches in the treated area.
  • Reaffirmation / lifting of the treated areas.
  • Softening and reduction / elimination of dimples.

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